AFRICA: CSR, now at the heart of sustainable development

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AFRICA: CSR, now at the heart of sustainable development © patpitchaya/Shutterstock

While actions are multiplying in favour of environmental preservation in Africa, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) appears to be the best approach for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). To better understand the stakes of this policy, AFRIK 21 proposes a series on CSR in Africa.

The reduction of the environmental impact of companies is one of the major axes of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). What are the criteria that define CSR? Is there a borderline between this sustainable development policy and philanthropy, which encompasses all voluntary private actions with a public utility purpose? What progress has been made in the adoption of CSR approaches by companies and organisations on the African continent? AFRIK 21 presents a non-exhaustive dossier on CSR and its implementation in Africa.

Here is the programme:

Monday 19th, July 2021

CSR: the commitment of companies to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs in Africa


Tuesday 20th, July 2021

Thierry Téné: “CSR in Africa, a key approach to preserve the environment


Wednesday 21st, July 2021

AFRICA: these employers’ organisations that are betting on CSR


Thursday 22nd, July 2021

Olivier de Noray: “Green terminal, a successful CSR approach


Friday 23rd, July 2021

AFRICA: when CSR comes to the rescue of biodiversity

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