UGANDA: Amea Power to build four solar and wind farms in two regions

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UGANDA: Amea Power to build four solar and wind farms in two regions©Blue Planet Studio/Shutterstock

The Ugandan government recently reached an agreement with Hussain bin Jassim Al-Nowais, head of Amea Power, an independent power producer (IPP) based in the United Arab Emirates. The IPP wants to build four solar and wind farms in two regions in Uganda.

New renewable energy projects will be implemented in Uganda. It is the promise of a recently signed agreement between the chairman of Amea Power Hussain bin Jassim Al-Nowais and Ugandan head of state Yoweri Museveni. The agreement specifically covers the construction of four wind and solar farms in two regions of the country.

In the West Nile region of northwestern Uganda, the Independent Power Producer (IPP) wants to build a 10 MWp solar photovoltaic power plant and a 10 MW wind farm. Amea Power wants to build the largest facility in the Karamoja region of northeastern Uganda. The UAE-based IPP wants to build a wind farm with a capacity of 120 MW. The solar power plant will be capable of supplying 80 MWp to the Ugandan electricity grid.

Amea Power’s increase in installed capacity

The chairman of Amea Power Hussain bin Jassim Al-Nowais said that implementation of his project in the West Nile region will begin before January 2021. These new projects will enable Amea Power to increase its installed capacity on the African continent. In recent months, the UAE-based company has obtained several concessions from African governments.

The most recent is the construction of a 50 MWp photovoltaic solar power plant in Mali. The plant will be located in Tiakadougou-Dialakoro, a small town of 7,000 inhabitants, a short distance from Bamako. The solar power plant will supply electricity to the Koulikoro region. Also in West Africa, in Togo, Amea Power recently started construction of the Blitta photovoltaic solar power plant. The plant, which will be commissioned in two phases, will have a capacity of 50 MWp with an investment of 33.5 million euros.

In Egypt, Amea Power has received authorisation from the military complex to supply 700 MW of electricity from two installations. It is a 500 MW wind farm that will be built in Jabal Al-Zayt, in the town of Ras Ghareb in the Gulf of Suez. The project will be developed by Amunet Wind Power Company (AWPC), a subsidiary of Amea Power. The IPP will also build a 200 MWp solar farm in Kom Ombo (a locality in Upper Egypt) through its subsidiary Abyodos Solar Power Company (ASPC). Amea Power’s two projects in Egypt will require an overall investment of $750 million.

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