EGYPT: KarmWater wins Marsa Alam desalination plant contract

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EGYPT: KarmWater wins Marsa Alam desalination plant contract©thaloengsak/Shutterstock

A seawater desalination plant will supply the Marsa Alam resort in Egypt's Red Sea governorate. On September 14th, 2021, a partnership agreement was signed between the local authorities and KarmWater to carry out the work. The facility will be solar-powered.

A desalination plant will provide drinking water to the resort town of Marsa Alam in the Red Sea governorate of Egypt. KarmWater, the new water solutions division of the KarmSolar Group, will implement this project to harness unconventional water resources.

The Marsa Alam desalination plant will be powered by electricity generated from a solar photovoltaic plant to reduce its operating costs and carbon footprint. The plant will have a capacity to produce 200m3 of drinking water per day, which will “meet 100% of Marsa Alam’s water needs”, says KarmSolar.

KarmWater will also operate the new seawater desalination plant. A first project, before its expansion in Egypt. “Seawater desalination from solar energy is our starting point. Our R&D and New Ventures teams are looking to further leverage our resources and expertise to bring more innovative products and solutions to the market. Solutions such as water storage integrated with solar energy to support farmers, especially through irrigation projects, etc.,” says KarmSolar. This will improve water supply and allow the development of irrigated agriculture in the land of the pharaohs.

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The Marsa Alarm seawater desalination plant will complement existing facilities in Egypt. According to KarmWater, the North African country already operates 58 desalination plants, with a combined capacity of 440,000 m3 per day. At least 39 reverse osmosis plants are under construction in Egypt.

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