TOGO: AFD allocates €14 million for waste management in Lomé city

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TOGO: AFD allocates €14 million for waste management in Lomé city©Anze Furlan/Shutterstock

The French Development Agency (AFD) has granted €14 million in funding to the municipality of Lomé. The funds are intended to support the city's efforts in waste management.

An agreement has recently been signed between Sani Yaya, the Togolese Minister of Economy and Finance, the French Ambassador to Togo, Marc Vizy, and François Jacquier-Pélissier, the director of the French Development Agency in Togo. The agreement provides for the disbursement of 9.2 billion CFA francs (14 million euros) by AFD for Lomé. This envelope will be used to improve waste management in Togo’s capital.

The environmental management of the Agoé Nyivé landfill, located on the outskirts of Lomé, is one of the municipality’s priorities. The landfill receives almost all the waste collected from more than 2 million people living in Togo’s capital. The Minister of Economy and Finance, Sani Yaya, indicated that “67% of the grant will be devoted to the technical component relating to the environmental and social security of the landfill (Agoé Nyivé), 23% to the component relating to support for the governance of the Commune of Lomé, and 10% to the “Sports and Development” component. All these actions are part of Phase III of the Lomé (Fulani) Urban Environment Project.

The “waste management” component of the Fulani

The rehabilitation of the Agoé Nyivé landfill site involves the creation of rainwater collection ditches, biogas transport vents and leachate disposal trenches, which are liquid fractions that the waste produces during storage, under the combined action of rainwater and natural fermentation.

More generally, the third component of the Fulani provides support from the Lomé city council for the establishment of a solid waste management system through the creation of seven other landfills for the collection of waste. The objective is to eliminate illegal dumping in the capital. The Lomé city council should also carry out studies on the recovery and recycling of waste. It will also focus on waste disposal, including the identification of a site for the installation of a future centre. The capacity of the Togolese capital’s pre-collection and waste collection actors will also be strengthened.

It is an ambitious project that AFD already supported more than 3 years ago with funding in the form of a 5 million euro grant.

Jean Marie Takouleu

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