NIGERIA: Government allocates $5.5 million for the Mambilla mega hydroelectric projec

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NIGERIA: Government allocates $5.5 million for the Mambilla mega hydroelectric project©Belinda Pretorius/Shutterstock

The central government of Nigeria plans to budget N2 billion ($5.5 million) for the implementation of the Mambilla hydroelectric project. It will allow the construction of a hydroelectric power plant with a capacity of 3,050 MW.

The Federal Executive Council of Nigeria has decided to allocate N2 billion ($5.5 million) for the construction of the Mambilla dam and hydroelectric power plant. These funds will be invested during the 2020-2021 fiscal year. To complete this mega project, the Nigerian federal government will have to invest $18 million directly.

The rest of the invoice is insured by Exim Bank of China. In September 2019, the federal government made an official loan request to this Chinese export bank. It will provide 85% of the funds needed to implement the project, i.e. $4.93 billion. In total, the project will cost $5.72 billion to implement. The infrastructure will be built by Sinohydro and China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC).

The power transmission line under construction

The dam will be built on the Donga River, in the village of Gembu, Tabara State. Sinohydro and CCECC will have to divert part of the water from the Mimballa Dam reservoir, in place since 1982. The water will be conducted through three tunnels of 33 km each. Some of the water, which arrives at very high pressure, will be intercepted by the Sum Sum and Nghu dams. The other part of the water from the Mambilla dam will supply the two underground power plants built in the rock. The most important dam will be 150 m high.

The construction of these infrastructures will have an impact on the residents and the environment. More than 100,000 people will be displaced within Taraba State. For the moment, these residents, mostly farmers, who have not yet been compensated…

The Mambilla hydroelectric power plant will have a capacity of 3,050 MW. The central government of Nigeria has entrusted Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) with the responsibility of building a 700 km power transmission line. “One of the priority parts is the eastern ridge, which will start from Calabar and continue to Kano. This is a 330 kV double plug. This project will allow us to connect to the Central African Power Pool via the Ikom region. It will also bring electricity to the most neglected areas of Nigeria,” said Mohammed Gur Usman, TCN’s chief executive officer, recently.

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