MOROCCO: a plant will treat wastewater from the Ain Chegag industrial park

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MOROCCO: a plant will treat wastewater from the Ain Chegag industrial park ©Ververidis Vasilis/Shutterstock

In Morocco, the "sanitation" component of the Ain Chegag Industrial Park (PIAC) development project has been launched and will enable the construction of a wastewater treatment plant. The company Al Omrane Fès-Meknès will supervise the work, which will require an investment of 106.6 million Moroccan dirhams, or nearly 9.7 million euros.

There is news about the Ain Chegag Industrial Park (PIAC) development project, which will be launched in October 2020 in Sefrou, in the Fez-Meknes region of Morocco. The company Al Omrane Fès-Meknès, which is piloting the project, recently launched its “sanitation” component. It involves the construction of a wastewater treatment plant on a 29,152 m2 site.

The plant will treat effluents from the leather, textile, metallurgical and mechanical industries, etc. Once open, the Piac will offer 239 lots spread over a total area of 81 hectares, of which 50 hectares will be dedicated to leather (tanning, footwear, leather goods). The general area, which will cover 31 hectares, will be dedicated to chemical, textile, agri-food, mechanical and metallurgical activities.

Environmental protection

The wastewater treated in the Piac factory will be returned to nature, thus reducing the risks linked to industrial pollution in the Fez-Meknes region, especially in the leather industry, whose treatment would have harmful effects on the environment and the health of the population. The industry represents 40% of the craft industry in the city of Fez alone and employs about 15,000 people.

The company chosen for the implementation of this project will also build the facilities related to the treatment plant, including operating buildings, electrical transformer and generator buildings, a laboratory, interior fittings, etc. Al Omrane Fez-Meknes estimates that 91.35 million Moroccan dirhams (about €8.3 million) will be needed to complete the work, out of an overall budget of 106.6 million Moroccan dirhams (about €9.7 million).

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The other part of the budget, 15.3 million Moroccan dirhams (more than ‘138,900), will be used to finance the operating services of the treatment plant. This other contract, which will be carried out by the same service provider, will last for three years.

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