LIBERIA: Eco-Power connects solar mini-grid to Sinje health centre

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LIBERIA: Eco-Power connects solar mini-grid to Sinje health centre©UNDP

Solar off-grid supplier Eco-Power has just commissioned a small solar photovoltaic system at the Sinje Health Center in Grand Cape Mount County, Liberia. The project was funded by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

A solar mini-grid is now operational at the Sinje Health Centre. The installation provides electricity to the hospital located in Grand Cape Mount County, Liberia. The small photovoltaic solar power plant was built by Eco-Power, a provider of solar off grids based in Monrovia, Liberia.

The system installed at the Sinje Health Centre consists of 154 panels linked together by inverters. It is equipped with a storage system consisting of 54 batteries with a capacity of 3 kWh. The small solar power plant was built as part of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Liberia Solar for Health project.

At least 12 health centres lit by solar-powered mini-grids

The objective of the Liberia Solar for Health project is to increase access to health services for vulnerable populations, “reduce carbon emissions as Liberia tackles climate change issues” and improve overall power supply to health facilities.

As part of the project, UNDP plans to fund the installation of solar-powered mini-grids in 12 hospitals across Liberia. In addition to the Sinje Health Centre, the project will also benefit the Palala Health Centre in Bong County, Konia Health Centre, Telewoyan Hospital, Vahun and Kolahun Health Centre, all facilities in Lofa County, as well as St Timothy’s Hospital in Robertsport and Buchanan Health Centre in Grand Bassa County.

“The quality of service in health centres is critical to reducing maternal mortality and there is no doubt that adequate lighting facilities play an important role in this,” Lorraine Cooper, the Director of Health Services for Montserrado County in Liberia, recently explained.

Jean Marie Takouleu

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