KENYA: Optiven to invest $1.6M for renewable energy in Amani Rigde

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KENYA: Optiven to invest $1.6M for renewable energy in Amani Rigde ©Optiven

A real estate company Optiven will spend about $1.6 million (170 million Kenyan shillings) to supply electricity to Amani Rigde, a "chic and green" residential mini-city under construction about 20 km from the city of Nairobi. The electricity will be generated from renewable sources.

Real estate company Optiven says it will allocate $1.6 million (170 million Kenyan shillings) to renewable energy in Amani Ridge. The funds will be taken from Optiven’s overall project budget for the project, which is estimated at about $74.6 million (8 billion Kenyan shillings).

Amani Ridge will be a “unique, chic and green” residential mini-city located some 20 km from the city of Nairobi. It will cover an area of about 40.5 hectares. “This offer is aimed at our very rare and valued clients who wish to enjoy properties located close to the city of Nairobi and the superb surrounding facilities,” says Optiven.

Bringing renewable energy to Amani Ridge

A number of renewable energy projects will be carried out in Amani Ridge by Optiven. Among the solutions chosen by the real estate company is the solar power supply of the public lighting system and the irrigation of the gardens of the mini green city. “We have the advantage that Kenya has a high level of sunshine, with an average of five to seven hours of maximum sunshine and an average daily insolation of 4 to 6 kWh/m2 ,” explains George Wachiuri, managing director of Optiven.

The Amani Ridge mini-city will also have solar-powered water infrastructure, including a borehole, a water tower with a capacity of about 100 m³, etc.

Also with a view to making the mini-city more environmentally friendly, the residents of Amani Ridge will benefit from an effluent treatment technology. The treated wastewater will be reused for irrigation and watering of recreational areas totalling 0.6 hectares.

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