Ivory Coast: 15 hectares of trees planted in Doropo

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Ivory Coast: 15 hectares of trees planted in Doropo© Dennis Wegewijs/Shutterstock

While the national forest cover is estimated at only 9.2% in Ivory Coast, a reforestation operation led by the coalition of young Ivorian leaders has just allowed the planting of 15 hectares of trees in the town of Doropo, located 584 km from the capital Yamoussoukro. The initiative aims to combat the drought in this West African country.

Ivory Coast is fed up with the conversion of its forests into farmland. Aware of this phenomenon, which affects 65% of productive land in this West African country according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the coalition of young Ivorian leaders has proceeded for the sixth consecutive year to reforest 15 hectares of trees in Angaye, a locality in the northern commune of Doropo.

“These trees planted will be an ecological asset that will contribute to the well-being of the community but also for the area and even on a larger scale. We must continue to reforest the areas in order to have green and perennial future vegetation for humanity,” says Ouattara Mitasiè, president of the Angaye Development Mutual. Ultimately, the operation coordinated by the prefect of Doropo, Lénékpho Fofana, will contribute to the fight against global warming in Ivory Coast.

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This initiative joins several others such as that of the National Institute of Administrators of Ivory Coast (Inad-CI). As part of its “Green Project” launched in 2021, Inad-CI recently reforested 19.5 hectares of the classified forest of Audouin located in the town of Jacqueville, 56 km from Abidjan.  The project, which is supported by the Ivorian Ministry of Water and Forests, aims to reforest 10 hectares of land annually until 2032 with the help of 400 volunteers and other private companies such as the accounting firm Deloitte Ivory Coast.

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