GHANA: Coliba to manage Engen oil supplier’s plastic waste

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GHANA: Coliba to manage Engen oil supplier's plastic waste©Engen

Engen Ghana, a company specialized in the distribution of petroleum products, has signed an agreement with Coliba Recycling Services for the management of its plastic waste. The network of 42 service stations of the oil company will be equipped with bins for the collection of used plastic packaging.

Engen Ghana wants to reduce its environmental impact through the recycling of plastic waste. The Mocoh Ghana subsidiary will rely on the expertise of Coliba Recycling Services to achieve its goal. Under the agreement, Engen Ghana will equip its 42 service stations in the West African country with waste plastic collection garbage cans.

The new equipment will be supplied and installed by Coliba Recycling Services. The Ghanaian company, which specializes in the recycling of plastic waste, will recycle this waste into reusable plastic granules. This material is sold to the automotive, construction, textile and other industries.

A commitment that tends to become more widespread

“The garbage cans will be filled by Engen Ghana’s customers. This is an eco-responsible approach that aims to preserve our ecosystem,” explains Brent Nartey, Engen’s Managing Director. In Ghana, 3,000 tons of plastic waste is generated every day, and much of it ends up in waterways. The problem has been exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic, which has slowed collection activities. In this West African country, only 3% of plastic waste is recycled according to Ghanaian authorities.

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The partnership between the two companies is also justified by the reputation of Coliba Recycling Services, Coliba Africa’s subsidiary, among other petroleum product distributors. In December 2021, the company Pétro Ivoire also signed a waste management partnership with Coliba’s Ivorian branch. In June 2021, the Ivorian subsidiary of the Dutch group Vivo Energy requested Coliba Côte d’Ivoire’s expertise to recycle used plastic packaging in 40 of its Shell service stations.

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