ALGERIA: Energy efficiency network is being set up, supported by GIZ

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The very first energy efficiency network has recently been set up in Algeria. The decision to create this platform was taken during the second edition of the Algerian-German day. It is one of the first fruits of the cooperation between Germany and Algeria in the field of renewable energy.

Advancing the use of renewable energy resources and improving energy efficiency in industry are the main missions based on the energy efficiency network that is gradually being set up in Algeria. This is the very first network of its kind in Algeria and is the result of the cooperation established since 2015 between this North African country and Germany. The news of the creation of this network was made public during the second edition of the Algerian-German Energy Day. The network will bring together eight Algerian companies from the private and public sectors.

According to Mohamed Bouzriba, Director General of the National Agency for the Promotion and Rationalization of Energy Use (APRUE), the network will “enable the Agency to improve its skills in energy use and rationalisation and the German Cooperation Agency (GIZ) to support the members of the APRUE and make them responsible for energy management.  “Within each member company of the network will be installed an energy manager who will have to deal with all energy saving issues and ensure that their companies use “as little conventional energy as possible,” added the Director of the National Agency for the Promotion and Rationalization of Energy Use (APRUE). The other area of intervention of this network will be the organisation of continuous training on energy efficiency and related topics.

A spin-off from German cooperation

This year, the Algerian-German Day was held on November 28, 2019 in Algiers on the theme “Making the energy transition a success thanks to innovative concepts and technologies”. This event is organised with the aim of exchanging views on the development of energy policy in these two countries, assessing the results and identifying other potential and angles of cooperation. The role of digitisation in the energy transition, instruments for the promotion of renewable energies, charge management strategies in relation to the expansion of renewable energies are some of the themes that animated the exchanges during the day. The objective of this cooperation is to create a favourable environment for the emergence of green energy in Algeria, a country with a relatively high potential for renewable energy resources, particularly solar and wind energy. Algeria records 3650 hours of sunshine per year and wind forces in the north and south have an average speed of 120 km/h.

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