AFRICA: Virtual summit on green off-grid finance to be held Dec. 8

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AFRICA: Virtual summit on green off-grid finance to be held Dec. 8 ©Sebastian Noethlichs de Shutterstock

On December 8 and 9, 2021, a summit on off-grid finance will be held, organized by the Global Off-Grid Solar Energy Industry Association (GOGLA). The virtual meeting will bring together nearly 500 participants from over 100 countries to discuss the role of off-grid solar energy in climate change adaptation and resilience.

What is the contribution of off-grid solar energy in adaptation and resilience, mitigation and climate justice? This is a set of reflections to which 500 participants from 100 countries will be subjected from 8 to 9 December 2021. Hosted by the Global Off-Grid Solar Energy Industry Association (GOGLA), the Virtual Off-Grid Solar Financing Summit will be held virtually from Washington, D.C., Amsterdam and Nairobi.

The meeting will bring together investors, companies and development partners to discuss sources and instruments for increasing the flow of capital needed to develop the off-grid solar energy industry worldwide, and particularly in Africa. The Off-Grid Virtual Summit is organized in partnership with the Global Distributors Collective (GDC), an initiative that helps distributors improve business performance and reduce costs. GET.invest as an essential partner of this event, will also be present at the conference. This European program supports investments in decentralized renewable energy in developing countries.

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In Africa, more than a quarter of the population has no access to electricity. This situation also affects businesses and people’s livelihoods. Off-grid solar power is affordable and can reach remote locations. It can be deployed more quickly than other options and allows the most vulnerable households and businesses to build resilience. With the necessary support, the off-grid solar market can evolve and provide low-cost products and services to rural populations that suffer most from the lack of energy infrastructure.

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