TUNISIA: Kumulus raises €1m for its atmospheric water generators

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TUNISIA: Kumulus raises €1m for its atmospheric water generators ©Kumulus Water

Tunisian start-up Kumulus Water, which specialises in hydrological engineering, has completed a new €1 million financing round to expand its activities. The funding raised from several investors will enable the company to supply its solar-powered atmospheric water generators.

The start-up Kumulus Water is obtaining funds to continue its activities in Tunisia. It is about 1 million euros obtained within the framework of a fund raising from the American investment company Techstars, Flat6Labs Tunisia, the innovation accelerator Wilco, an accelerator and the public investment bank Bpifrance, based in Maisons-Alfort in France.

This transaction will allow the start-up co-founded by Iheb Triki and Mohamed Ali Abid to develop its technology based on air cooling for drinking water supply. The process is based on an atmospheric water generator.

A nominal capacity of 20 to 30 litres per day

The generator draws in air and dusts it, then dehumidifies it by lowering its temperature to the dew point to create condensation. The water condensed in the machine passes through four filters to remove impurities. The solar-powered machines are also equipped with a control panel and an application managed by a team of six people.

The sale of a Kumulus Water generator is sanctioned by a subscription with payments made for each litre of water produced. A total of 20 to 30 litres of drinking water are produced per day by each machine. Since May 2022, the Tunisian start-up’s solution, called “Kumulus 1”, has been supplying drinking water to 570 schoolchildren in the town of Makthar, in the governorate of Siliana in Tunisia. This project was carried out in partnership with the Tunisian foundation Wallah We Can, which operates in the education sector.

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After expanding its activities in the North African country, Kumulus Water has ambitions to go international; knowing that access to clean water is a global necessity. According to a report (2018) by the United Nations (UN), more than 2 billion people in the world live in a situation of water stress.

Inès Magoum


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