TOGO: three green initiatives awarded in Lomé

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TOGO: three green initiatives awarded in Lomé©

Three projects focusing on sustainable development have just been selected in Togo as part of the Intergenerational Ambassadors for Environmental Sustainability (AIDE) competition organised by the Lomé-based association Future Road Strategy Foundation (FRSF).

In Togo, the winners of the Intergenerational Ambassadors for Environmental Sustainability (AIDE) competition are known. They are Enoc Moukpe whose project is entitled “Advocacy for community awareness of the effects of climate change”, and Kossivi Tekpor who worked on “domestic composting” for the development of sustainable agriculture in Lomé.

The third winner of this climate resilience initiative is the siblings Josué and Caleb Ahadjitse whose work focuses on waste recycling in the Togolese capital. The jury members include Jolly Emefa Akpalou, the general coordinator of the National Women’s Leadership Summit (SNLF) in Togo, David Ragatoa, an expert in remote sensing and land management, Daniel Kokou Amega, an energy transition specialist and Koami Victorien Atchabi, an environmental geographer.

The 2023 winners of the “Help” competition will benefit from technical support from the Future Road Strategy Foundation (FRSF) in the implementation of their respective projects. This award complements other eco-responsible activities in which they took part during a month with the 14 other candidates in the running, notably an awareness campaign around the beach in Lomé. Enoc Moukpe, Kossivi Tekpor and the Ahadjitse brothers were also equipped on environmental management, climate justice, biodiversity preservation and gender equality.

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These different themes linked to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are crucial in Togo. It is within this framework that the National Agency for Civil Protection (ANPC) of this West African country has designed the manual “Conflict, Disaster and Climate Change Risk Reduction”. The 158-page book, which aims to support the climate resilience of Togolese municipalities, was recently presented to local elected officials in the northern city of Dapaong.

Benoit-Ivan Wansi

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