TOGO: a training institute for renewable energies will be built in Lomé

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TOGO: a training institute for renewable energies will be built in Lomé©VAKS-Stock Agency/Shutterstock

A training institute for renewable energy professions will be set up in Lomé, the capital of Togo. The centre will be named IFAD-Renewable Energies. The Togolese government is looking for companies to carry out the project. They have until 16 February 2021 to come forward.

After the construction of the Institute de formation en alternance pour le Développement (IFAD) in Elavagnon, dedicated to aquaculture, and the one in Barkoissi oriented towards livestock farming, the government of Togo decides to set up a training centre on renewable energies. The IFAD – Renewable Energies will be built in the capital Lomé.

The project will be implemented by a local company. The Togolese Ministry of Public Works has recently launched a call for tenders for the construction of IFAD campuses. – Renewable Energy

Improving the electricity supply

Companies interested in the Togolese government’s call for tenders have until 16 February 2021 to come forward. According to Zouréhatou Tcha-Kondo Kassa-Traoré, the Togolese Minister of Public Works, the selected companies will execute the project in several lots: infrastructure, high-current electricity, delivery station and solar energy, computer cabling and network infrastructure, and plumbing. Once delivered, the institute will offer the Togolese people training on modules such as the manufacture, installation and maintenance of solar panels. The acquisition of this expertise will be an added value for this country, which aims to increase the share of renewable energies in its electricity mix to 50%.

Once on the job market, the achievements of future Togolese technicians specialising in renewable energies should be monitored by the Togolese Rural Electrification and Renewable Energy Agency (AT2ER) through an online platform dedicated to the management of green off-grids.

 Inès Magoum

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