RWANDA: Boreal to install its desalination systems in 5 Pulse centers

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RWANDA: Boreal to install its desalination systems in 5 Pulse centers©Boreal

Rural center builder The Pulse has signed an agreement with German start-up Boreal Light. The agreement is to equip five new centers with water desalination solutions for drinking and agriculture.

Boreal Light’s project portfolio is expanding in East Africa. The German water treatment systems provider is agreeing with The Pulse, a managed network of rural business, service and leisure centers, to equip five new centers in Rwanda. According to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), only 57 percent of Rwandans have access to clean water. The future kiosks will also provide water for irrigation of plantations.

The Pulse will establish the future centers that will house the Boreal Light systems. These will include facilities dedicated to retail and wholesale, finance, health, water, agriculture, recreation, entertainment and more.

Equipping 69 rural centers The Pulse

Boreal’s future water desalination systems will be solar-powered. According to The Pulse, this new partnership aims to eventually equip 69 rural centers with water treatment systems.

“Boreal Light has proven that its technology and business model work, and we are proud to have them as a partner,” said Boris Civieta, founder and director of The Pulse. The start-up also provides its solutions in several other African countries. Its most recent project was implemented in the Kibaha district in Tanzania. The system installed by Kenyan start-up WaterKiosk Africa has a capacity of 100 m3 per day.

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The Berlin, Germany-based start-up also provides systems that treat wastewater from sanitary facilities. Such plants are important in hospitals treating Covid-19 cases daily. Untreated wastewater discharged into nature could contribute to the contamination of local populations.

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