NAMIBIA: Hyphen recruits ILF engineer for its hydrogen megaproject in Tsau//Khaeb

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NAMIBIA: Hyphen recruits ILF engineer for its hydrogen megaproject in Tsau//Khaeb © Hyphen

Hyphen Hydrogen Energy has signed a partnership agreement with engineering firm ILF Consulting Engineers for its green hydrogen megaproject in the Tsau//Khaeb National Park in Namibia. The first tonnes of green ammonia will be available by 2027.

Hyphen Hydrogen Energy is making progress with the development of its green hydrogen project in Namibia. The company has announced the signing of a partnership agreement with ILF Consulting Engineers based in Rum, Austria and Munich, Germany. Under the agreement, ILF will provide project management services and technical expertise to deliver the green hydrogen project, as well as advice on procurement and contracting.

Our partnership with ILF marks an exciting step towards establishing Namibia as a world leader in the green hydrogen sector. ILF’s experience in hydrogen projects around the world will be invaluable and will help us to meet Namibia’s project deadlines and development goals,” says Marco Raffinetti, Hyphen’s Managing Director.

Hydrogen for export

In the energy sector, ILF is active in several countries in solar energy, wind power, hydroelectricity, electricity storage, and so on. The company, headed by Klaus Lässer, is already working on hydrogen projects in Canada, Finland and Austria. This experience will be put to good use in the development of Hyphen’s green hydrogen megaproject in the Tsau//Khaeb national park on the coast in south-west Namibia.

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Hyphen wants to invest 9.4 billion dollars in the project. The first part of this investment, i.e. 4.4 billion dollars, will be used to develop 2,000 MW of clean energy capacity. The electricity will be generated from solar and wind power stations. The joint venture between German energy company Enertrag and investor Nicholas Holdings then aims to increase its electrolysis capacity to 5,000 MW by 2030.

These investments will enable Hyphen to produce one million tonnes of green ammonia annually by 2027, “with plans to increase annual production to two million tonnes by 2029, reducing CO2 emissions by 5 to 6 million tonnes each year”, says the Windhoek, Namibia-based company. The facilities will be capable of producing up to 350,000 tonnes of green hydrogen by the end of the project. This resource is intended for export.

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