MADAGASCAR: American school of Antananarivo now solar-powered

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MADAGASCAR: American school of Antananarivo now solar-powered©GreenYellow

Green Energy Solutions (GES), a Malagasy company that develops energy solutions for public and private companies in Madagascar, has recently completed the commissioning of a 72.8 kW photovoltaic power plant. Made up of 260 solar panels, it now powers the American school in Antananarivo, the economic and political capital of Madagascar. A first!

Students at the American School of Antananarivo (ASA), the economic and political capital of Madagascar, will no longer experience dark days. To alleviate the problem of electricity instability in the school, the administration signed a contract with Green Energy Solutions (GES) in 2019. This Malagasy company, which develops energy solutions for public and private companies in the country, will install, maintain and manage a 72.8 kW photovoltaic power plant on the site located in the Alarobia Park. The agreement was sealed following a call for tenders launched by the ASA in September 2019.

GES, the joint venture between the Axian Group, an African group with international reach (active in the telecoms, energy, financial services, real estate and innovation sectors), and Green Yellow, a French energy company, completed the technical commissioning of the photovoltaic plant on May 4, 2020. The equipment is installed on the rooftop of the ASA gymnasium. The photovoltaic power plant consists of 260 solar panels and operates on self-consumption, as the power plant’s electricity production is for the exclusive use of the ASA.

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The ASA is the first school in Madagascar to have this type of facility. As a pioneer of the energy transition in the educational system of the big island, it is becoming an example of an initiative for other actors wishing to reduce the impact of their activities on the environment thanks to clean and renewable energies.

GES has also made a commitment to the ASA to ensure, at the next start of the school year, the animation of an introductory module on the operation of the solar power plant and its environmental impact.

Inès Magoum

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