KENYA: Ecodudu’s farm will produce fruits, fertilisers and… insects

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KENYA: Ecodudu's farm will produce fruits, fertilisers and... insects© Ecodudu

The Kenyan start-up Ecodudu has just launched the construction of a farm 75 km from Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. The waste from this fruit farm will be used as organic fertilizer in a process that will also allow the production of insects to be used in the manufacture of animal feed.

Ecodudu is expanding its activities in Kenya. The start-up is launching the construction of a fruit farm 75 km from Nairobi, the Kenyan capital. It will occupy an area of more than 202 hectares and will produce fruits such as mangoes and avocados. The aim of this project is not only to supply fruit to the Kenyan market, but above all to recycle the waste produced by the exploitation of this large plot of land.

The start-up Ecodudu has developed a process to produce feed for aquaculture and the nutrition of many other animal species. The young company also produces nutritious organic fertilizers for the soil. In order to produce its feed, the Ecodudu team exploits nature’s recycling agents, especially insects. It chooses fly larvae, as these would produce durable and highly nutritious proteins. At the end of this process, the waste is transformed into an organic fertilizer called “Shamba Mix”. While the fly larvae, which are very rich in protein, are recovered for the manufacture of feed for farm animals.

The recovery of 16,800 tonnes of waste per year

According to Adan Mohammed, the general manager of Ecodudu, the project to build a fruit farm is in line with the development policy of the young company. “The farm is constantly looking for new sources of organic fertilisers while seeking management solutions for the ever-increasing amount of organic waste produced on site,” explains Adan Mohammed. The farm, which will be operational by the end of 2021, will have a centre on more than 3 hectares for rearing black soldier flies on fruit waste.

The fly larvae will be used to produce the start-up’s flagship product, Dudu Meal, an insect-based animal feed. Ecodudu will also produce its organic fertilizer, Shamba Mix. At least 16,800 tons of organic waste will be recovered each year. Part of the fertilizer will be used to fertilize the farm’s fruit trees, which will provide waste for fly larvae production and agricultural fertilizers. In this way, the company’s process is part of a circular economy approach.

Ecodudu has been able to expand its activities partly thanks to investments from several partners, including the German investment company GreenTec Capital Partners and ShEquity, an investor promoting women’s entrepreneurship in Africa.

Jean Marie Takouleu

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