Ivory Coast: France’s NGE to supply water to 100,000 people in Koumokro

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Ivory Coast: France's NGE to supply water to 100,000 people in Koumokro©wandee007/Shutterstock

Ivory Coast's National Drinking Water Office (ONEP) has appointed NGE Contracting to build two drinking water supply systems in the locality of Koumokro in Ivory Coast. These facilities will improve the drinking water supply to 100,000 people.

NGE Contracting has been awarded a new contract in Ivory Coast. It concerns the construction of two drinking water supply systems in the locality of Koumokro, in the Lacs district. The subsidiary of the French group Nouvelles générations d’entrepreneurs (NGE), which specialises in construction and public works, has signed the agreement with the National Drinking Water Office in Ivory Coast (ONEP).

NGE Contracting will build a 3,000 m3 groundwater tank to store water pumped from the water table. The resource will pass through a potabilisation station, then be transported to two 15 m high water towers with a combined capacity of 100 m3, enough to serve 100,000 people in Koumokro on a continuous basis, according to NGE Contracting.

The company has a budget of €4.5 million to build the water supply system, which is scheduled for delivery in 14 months. “Some forty employees will be mobilised on the drinking water supply project, the majority of the workers having been trained by NGE on the construction site of the 43rd Marine Infantry Battalion (BIMA) ammunition depot,” says the French company.

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Onep sees this project as part of the Ivorian government’s overall vision of universal access to drinking water in the West African country by 2030. In 2021, the Ivorian Ministry of Hydraulics estimated this rate at 73% in rural areas and 83% in urban areas. To achieve its ambition, the government of Ivory Coast is also implementing the “Water for All” programme, launched in 2017, with a budget of 1,320 billion CFA francs, more than 2 billion euros.

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