GUINEA: A call for tender for studies of the urban drinking water sector

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GUINEA: a call for tenders for studies of the urban drinking water sector© Thakrit/Shutterstock

The Guinean government is launching a call for expressions of interest for the recruitment of a consultant to carry out "strategic" studies of the urban drinking water sector in Guinea. Interested companies have until 24 June 2022 to apply.

In the framework of the Urban Water Project of Guinea (PUEG), the government of Guinea wants to recruit a consulting firm to carry out “strategic” studies of the urban drinking water sector. The call for expressions of interest, open until 24 June 2022, has four objectives. The first is the development of a sectoral water policy letter.

The consultant’s task will be to take stock of urban water supply in Guinea through the capacity of production facilities, the level of water coverage, the rate of access to drinking water and the possible investment gap. The consultancy firm will also formulate proposals for improving the legislative and regulatory framework, as well as a complete diagnosis of the sector.

A mission financed by the World Bank

According to the Guinean Ministry of Energy, Hydraulics and Hydrocarbons, the second part of the future consultant’s mission will be to review the legal, institutional and regulatory frameworks of the urban water sector. The PUEG management unit plans to review the regulatory framework for contractualisation and the various associated management models, analyse the financial and fiscal framework applicable to the water sector, etc.

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In addition, the Guinean government wants to carry out a tariff study of the urban water sector through the analysis of the current tariff grid as well as the evaluation of the current demand and the elaboration of forecasts for the evolution of the global demand for water over a time horizon of 10 to 15 years. The company will also develop a financial model for the Société des eaux de Guinée (SEG). This will be done by updating the utility’s current financial model, setting up mechanisms to finance the sector’s key long-term needs, etc.

For the record, the PUEG, which will finance all of the studies, also aims to strengthen drinking water production capacity through the construction of new infrastructure, the extension and strengthening of the distribution network in the capital Conakry, the reduction of the amount of unbilled water and capacity building within the SEG. The PUEG is being implemented with $30 million in funding from the World Bank through its subsidiary, the International Development Association (IDA).

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