GHANA: Exim Bank India allocates $180 million to government drinking water projects

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GHANA: Exim Bank India allocates $180 million to government drinking water projects©africa924/Shutterstock

As announced in January 2019, Ghana has recently signed an agreement with Exim Bank of India to finance a drinking water supply project for the people of Yendi, in northern Ghana. A similar project is also announced to supply 450 sites in three other regions of the country. That will be $180 million.

The amount of the loan obtained by Ghana from Exim Bank India is expected since January 2019. The agreement was finally signed on April 6, 2019, between the Ghanaian government and this Indian donor. This debt, bearing interest at 1.5%, will be repaid over a 25-year period. The money will be invested in drinking water supply projects in the northern part of the country and in the mechanisation of agriculture. The water component of the project involves the construction of a water treatment plant, funded to the tune of $30 million. It will have a daily capacity of 15,000 m3 with a 25 km transmission pipeline. The infrastructure will also include a pumping station and several reservoirs.

The rehabilitation and extension of the distribution network by at least an additional 50 km is also in the hands of the government. The implementation of this project will enable Ghana to provide water to 133,000 people in the northern Ghanaian town of Yendi.

Another project underway to supply 225,000 Ghanaians with drinking water

A few weeks earlier, the Ghanaian government launched another drinking water project. It is intended to supply 450 sites in the Volta, Greater Accra and Ashanti regions. Deliverables will be available in 18 months. In total, more than 225,000 Ghanaians will benefit from this drinking water supply project, launched in Ghana, West Africa. The implementation of this project is based on experience and technology imported from the United Kingdom, which explains the collaboration with Aqua Africa Limited.

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