ETHIOPIA: Israel’s Water Ways to supply modern irrigation systems

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ETHIOPIA: Israel's Water Ways to supply modern irrigation systems©Irri-Al-Tal

Water Ways Technologies has won a contract worth almost $297,000 for smart irrigation and drip systems in Ethiopia. The Israeli agro-technology company will install its devices in nurseries.

Water Ways wins a new contract in Ethiopia. For about $297,000, the Israel-based company will provide smart irrigation systems to farmers in the East African country. The order was recently placed by the Ethiopian government.

Water Ways will install its drip irrigation systems in nurseries. The systems are water and electricity efficient. Water Ways Technologies supplies systems for vineyards, cotton fields, apple and orange orchards, blueberries, medical cannabis, cold storage for fresh produce, etc.

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With these new facilities, the Ethiopian government hopes to improve farmers’ resilience to drought. Drought has a devastating impact on the food supply and livelihoods of people who rely on agriculture for survival. Almost all regions are affected by drought in the country.

Deployment of alternative irrigation systems

Future systems will support existing facilities in Ethiopia. In March 2020, the country acquired a large batch of irrigation facilities from Water Ways. The drip systems were installed on 12 hectares of avocado plantations in central Ethiopia. Irri-Al-Tal, a subsidiary of Water Ways Technologies, carried out the work, which also included the installation of shade net structures and irrigation equipment for a vegetable farm.

Also in central Ethiopia, an irrigation system was installed 10 years ago on 100 hectares of vineyards by Water Ways and is now increasing crop yields, optimising water use and maximising profits.

Inès Magoum

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