EGYPT: Zero Carbon Green Planet joint venture to valorize waste in Cairo

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EGYPT: Zero Carbon Green Planet joint venture to valorize waste in Cairo©Maren Winter/Shutterstock

Zero Carbon Ventures, an Emirati provider of low-carbon solutions, is launching a joint venture with Egypt's Green Planet to convert organic waste into graphene, hydrogen, fertilizer and other valuable products. The project will be carried out at the May 15 landfill site in Cairo, the capital of Egypt.

The Zero Carbon Green Planet (ZCGP) joint venture was established on February 7, 2024. Together, Zero Carbon Ventures, based in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Egyptian waste management solutions provider Green Planet for Sustainable Environmental Solutions, will deploy a high-tech, “Zero Carbon patent-pending” system to recover organic waste in Cairo, precisely at the site of the May 15 landfill.

“The new advanced manufacturing plant we plan to build in Egypt will extract every drop of value from waste that would otherwise go to landfill, to make new products that will be reused in the marketplace,” says Martin Reynolds, CEO and co-founder of Zero Carbon Ventures, which provides low-carbon solutions.

The future facility will transform 400 tonnes of organic waste per day into graphene, hydrogen, fertilizer and other valuable products, while preventing thousands of tonnes of methane and CO2 from escaping into the atmosphere.

Delivery of the waste-to-energy plant in 2027

“The realization of this project will not only advance our circular economy, but also strengthen the position of the Land of the Pharaohs as a regional hub for economic growth and manufacturing,” says Tarek El-Araby, CEO of Egypt’s Waste Management Regulatory Authority (WMRA). And in terms of content, the North African country’s ambition is to help raise the solid waste recycling rate to over 50%.

The first phase of the project on the landfill site will be operational by 2025. The entire Cairo waste-to-energy project will be completed by 2027. The plant will employ up to 250 people, reducing Egypt’s poverty rate, estimated in 2019 at 29.7% by the World Bank.

In addition to setting up this new advanced manufacturing facility dedicated to solid waste management, the ZCGP joint venture is committed to listening to and supporting the Egyptian government’s ambitions and strategy, delivering projects focused on a cleaner, greener future. “We will bring cutting-edge technology and strategic vision, and Green Planet invaluable operational expertise and local knowledge,” says Zero Carbon Ventures.

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ZCGP is also committed to supporting cutting-edge research and encouraging investment in transformative technologies, with a focus on harnessing the vast potential of graphene and other pioneering materials to drive a new clean industrial revolution in Egypt and beyond.

Inès Magoum

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