EAST AFRICA: UN awards $54 million grant for sustainable development

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EAST AFRICA: UN awards $54 million grant for sustainable development © Valet/Shutterstock

Kenya, Madagascar, and Zimbabwe were selected from proposals submitted by more than 100 countries as the most effective and most suitable to receive investments from the UN Joint Fund for Sustainable Development Goals (JFSD).

East Africa honored at the United Nations (UN) in New York, United States of America. Kenya, Madagascar and Zimbabwe have just received a grant worth $54 million to fund several projects related to health, climate change and youth empowerment.

 “These additional investments for specific projects will attempt to get the SDGs back on track in these countries and respond to the challenges of our time,” explains the United Nations (UN) Special Envoy for Innovative Finance, Hiro Mizuno. This is a sustainable investment model that harnesses the power of markets to accelerate businesses, empower communities and pave the way to self-sufficiency.

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In Madagascar, it will finance renewable energy projects for its people. Zimbabwe will combine youth and women’s empowerment with a renewable energy initiative to help develop renewable energy infrastructure. The grant to Kenya will help secure access to electricity, which the World Bank estimates at 70%.

In addition to the 2030 target date for the achievement of the MDGs, the Joint MDG Fund will mobilize additional resources from partners and donors in the coming months to finance sustainable development proposals submitted by two other countries, Ghana and Rwanda.

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