DRC: Government seeks consultant for drinking water project in Kinshasa

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DRC: Government seeks consultant for drinking water project in Kinshasa ©think4photop/Shutterstock

The government of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) wants to recruit a consulting firm to supervise the construction of new drinking water supply infrastructures in two districts of the capital Kinshasa. Interested contractors have until 22 July 2022 to apply.

As part of the Kinshasa Multi-sectoral Development and Urban Resilience Project (PDMRUK-KIN Elenda), the Ministry of Water Resources and Electricity of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is launching a call for tenders for the recruitment of a consulting firm. The company will be responsible for supervising drinking water supply infrastructure works in Djelo Binza and Kisenso, two communes in the Kinshasa urban area.

This involves the construction of storage tanks and pumping stations, as well as the supply and installation of supply and discharge pipes and an electrical line to supply the new pumping station and the Kisenso tank. The consultant will then be responsible for monitoring the works and approving the design and execution documents. It will also provide assistance in the acceptance and commissioning of the future facilities.

The condition

The consultant will also be required to provide assistance in the implementation of the site’s environmental and social management plan (ESMP), and the site’s health and safety plan (HSP). Interested service providers have until 22 July 2022 to apply to the Congolese authorities.

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These companies will still have to present at least two specific references, confirmed by certificates of successful completion, in the last 10 years, “in the control and supervision of drinking water supply works in its various components, in particular the rehabilitation and construction of storage reservoirs (semi-underground reservoir with a capacity of at least 5,000 m3 and water tower of at least 500 m3, the rehabilitation and construction of water pumping stations with a capacity of at least 550 m3 per hour, the laying of ductile iron pipes with a diameter greater than or equal to 500 mm, environmental and social monitoring of the worksites, as well as the construction of power lines,” says the Congolese Minister of Water Resources and Electricity.

World Bank funding

The project, which is currently being put out to tender, is being implemented with funding from the World Bank. The PDMRUK-KIN Elenda will enable investments to be made to improve essential services, including water, sanitation, solid waste management and access to clean energy.

In the area of water management, the DR Congo government has undertaken the construction of the Binza Ozone drinking water plant in 2019, the laying of new water pipes, flood protection of the production plant and equipment in the project area, and the improvement of storage capacity, construction and rehabilitation of the transport and distribution network, network extension and social connections in the project area, as well as improving the financial and operational performance of the Water Distribution Authority of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (REGIDESO).

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