CHAD: Vergnet and Setra to build 4 water supply schemes in Logone Occidental

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CHAD: Vergnet and Setra to build 4 water supply schemes in Logone Occidental ©Vergnet

A consortium has been chosen to build four drinking water supply systems in the Logone Occidental province of Chad. The consortium is made up of Vergnet Hydro, a subsidiary of the French group Odial Solutions, and the Chadian company Setra.

The province of Logone Occidental, in southern Chad, will be equipped with new drinking water supply systems. The agreement to build the four facilities was signed recently between the consortium formed by Vergnet Hydro and Setra, and the Chadian Ministry of the Economy, Planning, Development and International Cooperation.

Under this partnership, the consortium will build four AEPs. Vergnet Hydro, a subsidiary of the French group Odial Solutions, will supply the necessary equipment, while the Chadian company Setra will carry out the work on the various sites in the Logone Occidental.

Supplying 47,000 people with drinking water

The future drinking water supply systems will consist of five submersible electric pumps. Water from the water table will be treated by four chlorine dosing stations (by injection), then stored in four towers with a capacity of between 50 and 150 m3, each 12 m high. The water will be distributed via a 32 km network and 44 standpipes.

The project will also enable 314 private connections to be made to the water network. “The contract also includes setting up an after-sales service and training four local maintenance technicians to ensure the long-term future of the installations,” says Vergnet Hydro. The company assures that the four AEPs will be delivered by November 2023.

In the province of Logone Occidental, the project will benefit 47,000 people immediately after commissioning. And by 2040, the number of people supplied by this water supply system will rise to 80,000,” explains Samuel Colombat, Bid and Project Manager at Vergnet Hydro. “We are particularly proud that this first project in Chad is part of the ambitious Food and Nutritional Security (FNS) programme under the 11th European Development Fund of the European Union (EU),” says Romain Dubreuil, Area Manager at Vergnet Hydro.

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After the Logone Occidental water supply project, the Odial Solutions subsidiary plans to launch a similar project in another province of Chad. This other project will form part of the Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Programme in semi-urban and rural areas piloted by the Chadian government and supported by the African Development Bank (AfDB).

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