CAMEROON: A call for tenders for the management of medical waste in the East and West

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CAMEROON: A call for tenders for the management of medical waste in the East and West©Avigator Fortuner/Shutterstock

In Cameroon, the World Health Organisation (WHO) is launching a call for tenders for the construction of six medical waste treatment units in the East and West regions. Interested companies have until 2 September 2022 to apply.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) is implementing a medical waste management project in Cameroon. The initiative concerns the construction of six units for the treatment of this hazardous waste in the East and West regions. The international organisation is looking for a company to carry out the work. The call for expressions of interest launched by WHO is open until 2 September 2022.

In the East region, the company selected will install a medical waste treatment unit at the regional hospital in Bertoua, as well as in the district hospitals of Batouri and Bétaré-Oya. In the Western Region, three other units will be installed in the district hospitals of Bafoussam, Malentouen and Foumban.

Through this project, WHO wants to contribute to the fight against medical waste pollution. This waste (especially chemical waste) is poorly managed and presents risks of air, water and soil pollution, a danger for humans and biodiversity. “Medical waste is a reservoir of potentially dangerous micro-organisms. The risks associated with its mismanagement include accidental injuries (risk of accidents to health workers and children playing or relieving themselves on the dumps, as well as to uninformed collectors), acute poisoning and nosocomial infections,” says the World Bank, which also supports Cameroon in the management of hospital waste.

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The financial institution is working with the Cameroonian Ministry of Public Health to develop a National Medical Waste Management Plan. The objective is to improve public health, while respecting the environmental, technical and socio-cultural requirements and standards of Cameroon.

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