AFRICA: HEC Paris launches green entrepreneurship programme

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The School of Business Administration of Paris (HEC Paris) has recently initiated a programme to bring together entrepreneurs, scientists, mentors and investors around sustainable solutions to climate change. The programme called CDL Climate (Creative Destruction Lab Climate) addresses Europe and Africa.

CDL Climate, is the new initiative recently launched by the School of Management of Paris (HEC Paris). The programme, which covers the African continent and Europe, aims to bring together entrepreneurs, scientists, mentors and investors to “facilitate the success of scalable, high-impact solutions to the challenges of climate change”.

The duration of the new HEC Paris programme is eight months, with objective sessions. The aim is to strengthen the performance of science and technology companies in the start-up phase. These start-ups will benefit from the expertise of more experienced companies. The start-ups benefiting from the CDL Climate (Creative Destruction Lab Climate) will be selected in the fields of renewable/alternative energy and electricity storage. Issues that are at the heart of the current challenge of access to electricity in Africa.

Making start-ups viable to finance

The CDL Climate will also enable capacity building for start-ups in the infrastructure, transportation, carbon/methane sequestration (sequestration), and targeted water, oceans and food initiatives aligned with climate solutions, and geo-engineering sectors. The programme will operate from CDL-Paris (HEC Paris) and CDL-West (Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia in Canada).

“It is therefore about carrying out a series of 5 sprints in 8 weeks, which aim to transform high-tech start-ups into financially viable and scalable companies. This is made possible through the committed mentoring of the best entrepreneurs in the field, the practical advice of world-renowned scientists and economists, the support of some of the best business students in the world, as well as exclusive access to business angels and venture capital firms to raise capital,” explains HEC Paris.

What is the potential for African start-ups?

According to Thomas Astebro, Professor of Entrepreneurship at the School of Business (HEC) Paris and Academic Director of CDL-Paris, the 25 start-ups selected in the CDL Climate programme will also be accompanied by the best students from HEC Paris, whose involvement in the programme is an integral part of their MBA curriculum. “For them, it is a strong and particularly enriching experience, allowing them to interact with leading innovators, to propose their ideas and then see some of them give rise to concrete improvements,” explains Thomas Astebro.

The Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) scheme has already borne fruit. It has enabled the investment of $6.2 billion in innovative science and technology start-ups. The new CDL programme dedicated to green entrepreneurship should enable several African start-ups to strengthen themselves to enter dynamic sectors of activity such as energy, water, sanitation and green construction.

To apply for the CDL Climate at HEC Paris, click here.

Jean Marie Takouleu


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