AFRICA: Bolloré puts sustainability at the service of logistics and transport

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AFRIQUE : Bolloré met la durabilité au service de la logistique et du transport ©Bolloré Transport & Logistics

The East African branch of Bolloré Transport & Logistics is joining the Vive programme, which supports companies in creating sustainable supply chains. The company will benefit from a sustainability audit and a three-year improvement plan.

Eco-responsible transport and storage of goods. This is what the East African branch of Bolloré Transport & Logistics is aiming for and has recently joined the Vive programme. The initiative concerns the company’s Kenyan and Tanzanian subsidiaries. “The Vive programme is an audit mechanism tailored to our East African operations, to verify our actions and create new benchmarks in our logistics offering to our key customers,” explains Jason Reynard, Bolloré Transport & Logistics’ CEO for East Africa.

The Vive programme is being implemented by Czarnikow, a commodity trading company, and Intellync, the data and technology division of the AB Agri group. These companies will carry out a sustainability audit, as well as a three-year improvement plan for Bolloré Transport & Logistics. “We are proud to support Bolloré Transport & Logistics with our blockchain module, developed to ensure transparency of goods moving through the supply chain. Vive is a multi-commodity programme that has recently expanded to include renewable energy and fruit, creating more opportunities for its participants,” says Will Rook, Vive programme manager.

An environmentally responsible process to reduce CO2 emissions

Bolloré Transport & Logistics has made its participation in Vive part of its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) strategy to address the environmental, social and governance (ESG) challenges of its operations in Africa. “This strategy has enabled the company to integrate measures to improve energy efficiency, develop low-carbon alternatives and mobilise the company’s stakeholders,” says Bolloré Transport & Logistics.

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As far as equipment is concerned, the subsidiary of the French Bolloré group has equipped its terminals with fully electric quay gantries (STS). “We have also begun the gradual renewal of our fleet gantries (RTG) in favour of e-RTG. We have also acquired electric tractors co-developed with Blue Solutions, the subsidiary of the Bolloré Group and Gaussin to equip Abidjan Terminal and Ivory Coast Terminal,” said Olivier de Noray, the DG of Port & Terminals at Bolloré Ports, in an interview with AFRIK 21 in July 2021.

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