TOGO: IsDB grants €20m to improve water supply in four towns

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TOGO: IsDB grants €20m to improve water supply in four towns©Joey001/Shutterstock

As part of its contribution to sustainable development, the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) is providing Togo with financing of 13.6 billion CFA francs (€20.7 million) to improve drinking water supply in the towns of Kougnohou, Adeta, Djarkpanga and Afagnan.

Togo is making progress towards the United Nations’ 6th Sustainable Development Goal (SDG), which calls for universal access to water and sanitation by 2030. The Togolese government recently obtained financing of 13.6 billion CFA francs (20.7 million euros) from the Islamic Development Bank (IDB). The funds are intended for the implementation of the water and sanitation programme in the prefectures of Adeta and Kougnohou (Plateaux region), Djarkpanga (Central region) and Afagnan in the Maritime region which is increasingly affected by drought.

The project, which will benefit 49,000 people, aims to install 54.4 km of network to increase the production capacity of drinking water (1,410 m3 per day) and wastewater treatment (30 m3 per day). The work will also allow the construction of latrines in 3,900 households, 100 schools and health centres. “The aim is to improve access to safe and sustainable water supplies and adequate sanitation and hygiene systems in three regions by 2027,” say the Togolese authorities.

Strengthening the service in urban areas

At a total cost of 23 billion CFA francs (35.1 million euros), the water and sanitation programme co-financed by the IsDB and the West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU) commission has already enabled the installation of 700 human-powered pumps in schools in the Savanes and Kara regions in northern Togo.

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The government of this West African country has also launched a programme to improve the drinking water supply in the city of Lomé (AEP-Lomé) in 2021. The work in progress aims in particular to build a water tower with a storage capacity of 1,300 m3 in the council of Golfe 7 to supply the populations of Sagbado, Ségbé, Lankouvi, Apédokoè and Yokoè.

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