SOUTH AFRICA: Siemens Gamesa to deliver 109 wind turbines in the Cape Town region

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SOUTH AFRICA: Siemens Gamesa to deliver 109 wind turbines in the Cape Town region©ollirg /Shutterstock

Siemens Gamesa has won an order from the South African Department of Energy to supply wind turbines to two farms in South Africa. This contract, which will provide 214,000 households with access to electricity, is part of the Independent Renewable Energy Supply Programme (Paeri).

Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy (SGRE) will supply equipment to two wind farms in South Africa from early 2019, the Spanish-German company said on July 11, 2018 that is 109 onshore wind turbines equipped with SWT-2.3-108 turbines, each with a nominal capacity of 2.3 MW and a rotor diameter of 108 metres, for a combined capacity of 250 megawatts.

The wind turbines will be delivered to the two wind farms of the consortium led by Mainstream Renewable Power. These are the 140 MW Kangnas wind project near Springbok in Northern Cape Town and the 110 MW Perdekraal east wind project located 80 km northeast of Ceres in the Western Cape. Construction of these parks is scheduled for completion in 2020. Together they will provide enough clean electricity for about 214,000 South African households. “We are proud to offer services with a team based in Johannesburg, with long experience and a commitment to generating value for South Africa by creating jobs, supporting local manufacturing and leading development projects in local communities,” said Janek Winand, Managing Director of Siemens Gamesa South Africa.

The next big step for Siemens Gamesa in South Africa

Present in South Africa since 2014, Siemens Gamesa alone has already installed 324 MW of wind power and two wind projects totalling 280 MW, which are currently under construction. With the addition of these two wind projects in Cape Town, Siemens Gamesa will have installed over 850 MW of wind capacity in the country.

On a continental scale, Siemens Gamesa has over 15 years of experience with over 2,220 MW installed in countries such as Algeria, Egypt, Kenya, Mauritania, Mauritius, Morocco, South Africa and Tunisia.

The establishment of the Siemens Gamesa blade factory in Tangier at the end of 2017 represents a major investment for the sustainable future of the entire Maghreb region because it is the first blade factory of a wind turbine manufacturer in Africa. Beyond the black continent, the plant is ready to deliver these blades to Europe and the Middle East…

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