POLLUTEC MAROC: Casablanca gets ready to host 11th edition

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POLLUTEC MAROC: Casablanca gets ready to host 11th edition

The international exhibition of environmental equipment, technologies and services will officially launch in Morocco from October 30 to November 2, 2019. The event will be held at the International Fairs and Exhibitions Office (OFEC) in Casablanca.

It is one of the most popular African events in the environmental sector. As has been the case for 10 years now, Pollutec Maroc will be held this year with the same objective, but with new challenges. The four-day show will bring together eco-industrialists from Morocco and around the world, equipment suppliers and service providers in nine environmental sectors:

– Risks and risk management;

– Products and sustainable development;

– Air pollution;

– Analysis, control and monitoring;

– Waste-disposal and recycling;

– Sites and waste water.

The exhibition will mobilise 200 exhibitors and some 5000 visitors. About 55% of exhibitors and 40% of visitors come from 18 foreign countries.

For 2019, the exhibition will offer visitors a Pitch area that will allow exhibitors to “present an innovation, an exemplary achievement or a partnership in seven minutes”. The Pitch sessions will be held over several days with different themes. In addition, Pollutec Maroc 2019 also includes B To B meetings (business to business meetings that designate inter-company commercial activities, i.e. activities for which customers and prospects are companies), environmental trophies and a start up area. The latter will allow the leaders of young projects to showcase their know-how to the leaders of solutions, with the aim of forging possible partnerships.

Priority to Africa!

As has been the case for several years now, the show will give a special place to African countries, by organising round tables, conferences and feedback on sub-Saharan African countries, which are partners with the Environment and Energy Management Agency (Ademe). This initiative will highlight African ideas in the circular economy sectors, including water, waste, energy and agriculture.

The Pollutec Maroc exhibition is organised by Forum 7 and Reed Exposition France. It is an opportunity for meetings, sharing both projects and knowledge between environmental stakeholders. Details of the 2019 edition are available via-https://www.pollutec-maroc.com

Luchelle Feukeng

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