MADAGASCAR: Government allocates €12 million for drinking water supply

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The Madagascan government is allocating more than €12 million in 2019 to drinking water supply projects throughout the country. The budget will make it possible to carry out several projects to improve access to safe water, which currently stands at less than 14%.

The government of Madagascar has decided to increase the budget earmarked for the provision of drinking water in the country. The decision was taken during the session of the Council of Ministers held on Wednesday, May 22, 2019. For this year, nearly 12 million euros will be devoted to the development of the sector. The sum will be used to provide water in 16 districts of Madagascar. These are Mitsinjo, Ambalavao, Ambanja, Ambato-Boeny, Ambatolampy, Ambilobe, Antalaha, Belo sur Tsiribihina, Mahabo, Mahanoro, Mananjary, Marovoay, Moramanga, Nosy Be, Sainte-Marie and Vohémar. With this investment, the State hopes to increase the rate of access to drinking water from the current 13.53 per cent.

Water all over the island

The money will be used to build water collection stations in the southern, northern and southeastern regions of Antananarivo. The rehabilitation of the PK7 dam and the reinforcement of the Ambodimanga pump (located in Toamasina province) are also planned. A 500 m3 water purification unit and a 630 kVA generator set will be installed in Toamasina province. Further afield, in Mahajanga province, a water purification plant with a daily capacity of 3600 m3 will soon be built. A similar plant will be installed in Mahajanga province. The province of Tolaria will benefit from a borehole capable of producing 6,000 m3 of water daily. A series of measures that should make it possible to supply 1.5 million Madagascans with water out of the 26 million people living on the large island.

The electricity sector is not outdone. In the coming months, work will be launched to facilitate access to electricity for households. The Ministerial Council provided the framework for the adoption of the Investment Decree, in the form of a loan of $150 million from the World Bank to boost the sector. The credit was approved on March 1, 2019 and will be granted by the International Development Association (IDA).


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