KENYA: Boreal equips Samburu with a water desalination system to fight water shortage

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KENYA: Boreal equips Samburu with a water desalination system to fight water shortage ©Boreal Light

German start-up Boreal Light is supplying a new version of its "Winture" water desalination solution to Kenya. The system, installed in Samburu in Kwale County by Kenyan start-up WaterKiosk Africa, a partner of Boreal Light, was inaugurated on 22 August 2023.

Boreal Light is once again supporting the water supply in Kenya. The German start-up has supplied the latest version of its water desalination system, adapted to the semi-arid regions of East Africa, for the Samburu water supply project in Kwale County. The Winture system, installed by Kenyan start-up WaterKiosk Africa, has been operational since 22 August 2023.

According to the water desalination solutions provider, the new installation has been designed to operate off-grid and in the most remote areas. What’s more, it can produce clean water from saline or brackish sources and provide energy services thanks to its solar-powered system.

Improving agricultural yields

The desalinated water will be delivered to households in Samburu, and to irrigation channels on agricultural farms. “The brine is oxygenated before it reaches the farm and is automatically fertilised to give the best possible results. We started with salt-tolerant tomatoes”, says Boreal Light. The young German company is talking about a daily production capacity of 120 m3 of water, i.e. 5 m3 per hour from a saline water resource taken from a borehole 156 m deep.

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As well as reducing water shortages, the water project will help to improve agricultural yields in this Kenyan locality by up to 50% by increasing the oxygen content of the water, according to the Berlin start-up. This, against a backdrop of drought, which is having a direct impact on people’s livelihoods.

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