GHANA: Axcon launches construction of a 5 MWp solar power plant in Appolonia City

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GHANA: Axcon launches construction of a 5 MWp solar power plant in Appolonia City©Appolonia City

Clean energy solutions provider Axcon Energy has just started work on a project to build a solar photovoltaic power plant in Appolonia City, Ghana. With an expected capacity of 5 MWp, the installation will reinforce the electricity distribution network of this new city located near the Ghanaian capital Accra.

Nearly a year after signing an agreement with Appolonia City, Axcon Energy is launching the construction of a photovoltaic solar power plant to reinforce the electricity grid of this city located in the greater Accra region in Ghana. The plant, which will be built in the Appolonia Industrial Park, will have a capacity of 5 MWp, and will enable the reinforcement of the electricity network of this new city with a capacity of 100,000 inhabitants.

“The new solar power plant will meet the city’s changing needs and will provide clean and reliable energy, especially for the companies in the Appolonia Industrial Park,” said Pascal Siamey, Chairman and CEO of Axcon Energy. The electricity produced will be injected into the city’s grid via an 11 kV substation. It already supports a 33 kV overhead line that connects the town to Ghana’s national electricity grid.

Appolonia City is the result of a real estate project developed on an area of more than 940 hectares 28 km north-east of the Ghanaian capital Accra. The city is made up of 25,000 housing units that can accommodate 100,000 people, an industrial park covering an area of nearly 81 hectares, a business district, and 121 hectares of public parks and gardens. Officials of the new city estimate that it is capable of receiving 30,000 visitors per day.

According to Appolonia City, in addition to the clean energy supplier Axcon Energy, other local and international companies are also developing facilities in its industrial park. These include MainOne, Nickseth Construction, Alusynco, Crownhouse Construction & Logistics, Puma Energy and Total Ghana, the subsidiary of French energy company Total.

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