BURKINA FASO: Table benches made of recycled plastic to equip schools

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TECO², a waste recycling company, directed by Calvin Tiam and based in Burkina Faso, will provide plastic waste-based table benches to schools for the next three years. An agreement has just been signed between the company and the Burkinabe government.

TECO² has just signed an agreement with the Burkinabe Ministry of the Environment. The company, directed by Calvin Tiam, is committed to producing table benches by recycling waste. The raw material necessary for the manufacture of the furniture will be provided by the government through the National Plastic Waste Treatment and Recycling Project. . The initiative, which covers a three-year renewable period, is therefore beneficial both for education and the environment. Indeed, the project will ensure better waste management and, by extension, reduce pollution caused by plastic waste and deforestation.

This partnership marks a decisive turning point in TECO²’s expansion. “The signing of this collaboration protocol reflects the maturity of our company and the relevance of our innovative eco-products. It also demonstrates the real availability of raw materials (plastic waste, editor’s note) and attests to the commitment of the Ministry of the Environment and the Burkinabe government to support young entrepreneurs and innovative Start-Ups,” said Calvin Tiam, TECO²’s Managing Director.


An effective project to eradicate plastic waste

Launched in 2014 by the Burkinabe government, Operation Zero plastic bags has collected several tons of plastic waste. Every year, the city of Ouagadougou alone produces 16,000 tonnes of plastic waste. The National Plastic Waste Treatment and Recycling Project’s work, financed to the tune of €6 million, consists in collecting such plastic waste production.

TECO² – Ecological and economical roof – is a company specialised in the recycling of used bags and plastic materials. It was founded by Calvin Tiam, a young Cameroonian entrepreneur based in Burkina Faso. TECO² roofing sheets have the advantage of being cheaper and reducing heat, unlike metal sheets which convey the impression of accentuating it. TECO2 also manufactures dining tables, road markers, rooftops…

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