ALGERIA: La Poste entrusts its waste management to ACS

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ALGERIA: La Poste entrusts its waste management to ACS©Algérie Poste

Algeria Post has teamed up with Algeria Chemical Specialities (ACS) to manage its special and non-special waste. The partnership was launched on 5 June 2023, to coincide with the 50th World Environment Day.

The framework agreement was signed at Algérie Poste’s head office in Beb Ezzouar, a commune in the eastern suburbs of Algiers. Under the terms of the agreement signed on 5 June 2023 between the Managing Director of Algérie Poste, Louai Zidi, and Yahiaoui Samir, the Managing Director of Algeria Chemical Specialities (ACS), ACS and its subsidiaries will provide services for the state-owned mail company.

“Algérie Poste, as a corporate citizen committed to environmental protection and sustainable development, is taking this environmental cause into consideration and looking for new ways to create more sustainable services with less non-recyclable waste,” says the company, which also operates as a financial institution. One of the services that the Algerian company requires from ACS is the burning of its special waste. This waste is generally made up of products such as used solvents, chemical waste, batteries, mineral oils, paints, sprays and so on.

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Under the contract, ACS will rely on its special and hazardous waste incineration plants. In February 2023, the group specialising in the management and treatment of hazardous waste placed an order with Entreprise nationale de construction de matériels et équipements ferroviaires (FERROVIAL) for new hazardous and special waste incineration plants.

ACS will also recover used paper and plastic from Algérie Poste’s operations. This will help to reduce pollution in this North African country. In return, Algérie Poste will henceforth source the services it provides from ACS subsidiaries (32 in total). These include the manufacture of maintenance and cleaning products, paints, medicines, etc.

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