AFRICA: what place for electromobility in urban transport systems?

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AFRIQUE : quelle place pour l’électromobilité dans les systèmes de transports urbains  ?© © Petair/Shutterstock

In this fifth eMag, produced by Climate Chance in partnership with AFRIK 21, the panellists, including experts from the transport and climate finance sectors, show how electromobility is essential to the development of sustainable mobility in Africa in the face of rapid urbanisation and the challenges of electrification.


  • Mélaine Assè Wassa Sama, Climate Action in Africa Project Manager, Climate Chance
  • Yao Tsoekeo Amedokpo, Researcher, Cities, Mobilities and Transport Laboratory, Ecole des ponts ParisTech,
  • Benoit-Ivan Wansi, Journalist at AFRIK 21,
  • Shantha Bloemen, Managing Director, Mobility for Africa,
  • Dominique Breuil, Member of the Board, CODATU,
  • Maria Lucini, Climate Chance events and animation intern
  • Chloé Quinonero, Events and Coalitions Officer, Climate Chance,
  • Eva Radek, Events and Coalitions Coordinator, Climate Chance.

Flip through the eMag on electromobility in Africa here.

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