AFRICA: Two resilient development training sessions in preparation

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Training sessions on climate-resilient development will be held in Brazzaville and Dakar in June and August 2019. The workshops are organised by the African Scientific Research and Training Centre (CRES).

The first training session on climate-resilient development, organised by the African Scientific Research and Training Centre, will be held in Brazzaville, Congo, from July 1 to 12, 2019. For two weeks, participants will be trained in basic scientific knowledge, methodology and decision-making aspects of the resilience of agro-sylvo-pastoral systems (a production activity that combines pastoralism (extensive livestock husbandry on pastures) and agriculture in a partially wooded environment) to disaster risk and climate change.

The second session will address the same lessons, but applied to food security and nutrition in the context of natural disaster risk and climate change. It will take place in Dakar, Senegal, from August 5 to 16, 2019. After these courses, professionals will be equipped with basic scientific knowledge on resilience to disaster risks and climate change. The courses will cover several modules:

– Vulnerability and resilience configurations;

– Projections for future climate change and its anticipated impacts;

– Theoretical and methodological aspects of adaptation to climate change and disaster risks;

– Methodologies and tools for vulnerability impact assessment;

– Climate change threats to food and nutrition security.

The training is aimed at government officials responsible for food and nutrition security in African countries. Participation requires two prior qualifications. Candidates must first have a good understanding of the scientific basis and methodological aspects of resilience to disaster risk and climate change. Second, they must be able to design decision support frameworks for food and nutrition resilience to disaster risk and climate change.

The training costs amount to 600,000 CFA francs, or nearly 900 euros. Registration can be made at:; Full details of the offer are available at:école-dété-2019-Dakar-Sénégal.pdf

The CRES is a research centre whose aim is to contribute to capacity building in West African countries through scientific research, training and innovation.

Luchelle Feukeng

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