AFRICA: GEAPP and Shortlist to Create 750 Female Renewable Energy Jobs

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AFRICA: EIOPA and Shortlist to create 750 green energy jobs for women©AS photostudio/Shutterstock

The Global Alliance for Energy and the Planet (GEAPP) and the Shortlist platform are entering into a partnership to create jobs for women in the renewable energy sector. This new partnership will cover six African countries.

The recently launched partnership between the Global Energy for People and Planet Alliance (GEAPP) and the Shortlist platform aims to better integrate female professionals into renewable energy projects in Africa. The two partners expect to create 750 jobs for women in six countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

The partnership covers Nigeria, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, Kenya and Malawi. To achieve their goals over the next few years, GEAPP and Shortlist will engage other partners such as the Rockefeller Foundation to leverage $2.2 million to implement a program that will build on the Off-Grid Talent Initiative (OGTI).

Scaling up the OGTI program

Established by Shortlist, this initiative aims to improve African skills and expertise in off-grid energy access. It includes a work placement program for 400 young men and women to support their first-year placements in clean energy companies, as well as a training component for 300 mid-level managers to build project management capacity.

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As part of the partnership with GEAPP, the OGTI program will be scaled up to catalyze the recruitment of women into the renewable energy sector. “GEAPP is committed to supporting gender equity to ensure that women will benefit from investments in renewable energy projects worldwide,” says Suman Sureshbabu, managing director of Demand Enterprise at GEAPP.

For the record, GEAPP came into being on November 2nd, 2021 on the side-lines of COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland. This global partnership aims to mobilize 100 billion dollars in 10 years to accelerate the deployment of renewable energy in developing countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia. The alliance is formed by international development banks, European countries and several non-profit organizations, including foundations.

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