AFRICA: Dublin and Vienna support climate action with €3m

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AFRICA: Dublin and Vienna support climate action with €3m© Torsten Pursche/Shutterstock

Ireland and Austria are contributing €3 million to the African Climate Change Fund (ACCF). This African Development Bank (AfDB) facility supports adaptation and resilience to climate change in Africa.

The African Climate Change Fund (ACCF) has two new contributors. Ireland and Austria are contributing €2 million and €1 million respectively. The ACCF is a multi-donor trust fund managed by the African Development Bank (AfDB) that aims to improve the resilience of African countries to the negative impacts of climate change and support their transition to low-carbon sustainable development.

“The Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance has decided to contribute to the ACCF to support the activities of the African Network of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), including the development and updating of NDCs and long-term climate strategies of African countries,” explained Harald Waiglein, Director General of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance in a letter to the AfDB.

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So far, the ACCF has had five contributors, including Italy, Canada, Germany, the province of Quebec in Canada and the Flemish Region of Belgium. These donors have already mobilised nearly $25 million, which has enabled the AfDB to support at least 16 African countries in preparing for access to climate finance and implementing small-scale adaptation projects.

“These new funds will enable the ACCF to support the preparation and strengthening of NDCs and long-term strategies in African countries, and to support projects already identified under the ACCF’s third call for proposals,” explains Anthony Nyong, the AfDB’s Director for Climate Change and Green Growth.

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