EGYPT: Concrete and Plastiks to use blockchain in plastic management

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EGYPT: Concrete and Plastiks to use blockchain in plastic management © Odua Images /Shutterstock

In order to improve plastic waste management in the clothing and textile industry in Egypt, clothing brand Concrete is banking on the blockchain-based technology of Spanish platform Plastiks. This will enable Concrete to find sponsors in industrialised countries to support its plastic waste recovery projects across the country.

Concrete is turning to blockchain to strengthen plastic waste management in Egypt’s clothing and textile industry. The Egyptian clothing manufacturer is signing a partnership with Spanish green tech platform Plastiks to implement this strategy. Plastiks will facilitate the tokenisation of Concrete-sponsored plastic waste recovery projects in Egypt.

Plastiks’ business model, powered by web3 technology will provide plastic collectors in Egypt with additional revenue in exchange for the valuable project data they share. This data can be used by companies to select appropriate projects for funding as part of their sustainability commitments.

Reinforcing sustainability policy with consumers

Concrete’s waste recovery projects include “Guardians of The Sea” in the Red Sea Governorate and Dahab, South Sinai Governorate, Egypt. Concrete is involved in the collection of plastic waste in these areas and supports recycling into various products.

This partnership will also allow Concrete to better promote the goal of sustainability projects to its consumers. Labels will be placed on its garments, where the message of the collaboration will be placed, as well as a QR code. By scanning the QR code, the consumer will be able to visit the Concrete Sustainability Dashboard. This will allow the consumer to access details of Concrete’s recovery projects, including where the used plastic was recovered, the type of plastic recovered, and the invoice number.

This will help reduce plastic pollution in Egypt. According to the American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt (AmCham Egypt), the North African country generates an average of 5.4 metric tons of plastic waste per year with a direct impact on the environment.

Inès Magoum

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