ZAMBIA: Alpha Polyplast obtains US$2.75 million from Inside Capital for recycling

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ZAMBIA: Alpha Polyplast obtains US$2.75 million from Inside Capital for recycling©shynebellz/Shutterstock

Inside Capital Partners, an investment fund manager, has invested $2.75 million in Alpha Polyplast, a Zambian company specialising in the recycling of plastic waste. The funds will enable the company to boost its plastic waste recycling capacity across the country.

Good news for Alpha Polyplast. The Zambian company has just obtained funds to boost its plastic waste management activities in Zambia. The $2.75 million investment comes from Inside Capital Partners, an investment fund manager dedicated to South East African countries.

Inside Capital Partners invested in Alpha Polyplast through its Inside Equity Fund. The manager estimates that the money channelled into the Zambian company will enable it to double its plastic waste collection and processing capacity. “This will be achieved by structuring the plastic waste collection process in advance, which will significantly reduce the environmental footprint and support the long-term sustainability of the communities involved,” explains Inside Capital Partners.

With the new funds, Alpha Polyplast will be able to achieve its 3-year objective of reaching a recycling capacity of 3,000 tonnes of plastic waste per year, equivalent to 70 million bottles. An ambition that could contribute to the reduction of environmental pollution by plastic waste in Zambia.

According to Inside Capital Partners, this project will bring “hard currency” to the country, reduce the global impact of carbon, create jobs and generate financial returns for investors. “Alpha now has the opportunity to work with our other portfolio companies, in the same ecosystem, to maximize synergies and establish a truly innovative consolidation plan in the waste management and recycling industry across the region to become a regional leader,” says Basil Nundwe, Managing Director of Inside Capital Partners in Zambia.

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