UGANDA: New water supply for 35 villages in the Central Region

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UGANDA: New water supply for 35 villages in the Central Region©Ugandan Ministry of Water and Environment

Since August 30th, 2021, new facilities have been providing drinking water and sanitation to 35 villages in Uganda's Central Region. The system is being built in Kasambya Municipality, Mubende District.

The new water project was implemented by the Ugandan Ministry of Water and Environment, through the Water and Sanitation Development Facility Central. The aim is to improve the supply of water for drinking and sanitation in the context of the Covid-19 health crisis.

The water supply system is located in Kasambya Municipality, Mubende District. It includes, among others, “600 private connections, two public water toilets, two mobile water quality laboratories under the umbrella of the Umbrella of Mid-Western and the Umbrella of Central respectively, two pumping stations with a capacity of 17 m3 and 14 m3 per hour, two in-line water disinfection units, a 200 m3 elevated tank and a 100 m3 ground tank, as well as a 100 m3 booster station,” says the Ugandan Ministry of Water and Environment.

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The project, which will be delivered on August 30th, 2021, was co-financed by the African Development Bank (AfDB) and the Ugandan government. A total of 35 villages in Kasambya Municipality and other municipalities in the Central Region receive water on a daily basis. The Ugandan Ministry of Water and Environment has contracted Umbrella of Water and Sanitation Mid-Western to operate and maintain the new water facilities.

The new water supply system supports existing facilities in the East African country. The second phase of the Lirima Gravity Flow Scheme, completed in May 2021, serves more than 173,360 people in 13 sub-counties in Manafwa District (Sibanga, Bugobero, Nalondo, Butta, Butiru, Busukuya, Bukhoofu, Khabutoola); Mbale City (Bumasikye, Busiu, Lukhonge); Tororo (Molo and Merikit) and Butaleja (Himutu).

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