TUNISIA: Sulzer and Sotureco present a new range of sewage grinders

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Sulzer : workshop à Tunis en 2018

[PARTNER INFORMATION] The Swiss manufacturer Sulzer and its Tunisian partner, Sotureco, presented to Tunisian professionals the new series of sewage grinders, which, combined with Sulzer pumps, provide a solution to the problem of solid waste increasingly present in wastewater. It was during a seminar held on September 25, 2018, on the banks of Lake Concorde, in Tunis.

The audience was made up of sanitation professionals from the National Sanitation Office (Onas) and the companies EPPM, Geste Télémécanique, Tuniber Ingénierie et construction… when the Swiss pump manufacturer, Sulzer, and its Tunisian partner, Sotureco, presented a range of solutions adapted to the new challenges in wastewater treatment : submersible sewage pumps, agitator ranges, turbochargers, aeration systems, Clean Water pump range and bilge pumps. However, during the seminar, which took place on September 25, 2018, in Tunis, it was mainly the new ranges of sewage grinders, Muffin Monster and Channel Monster, which caught the participants’ attention.

The composition of current wastewater is changing rapidly. With an increased number of tough solids, wastewater treatment operators now need an additional guarantee against flow blockage for critical pumping stations.

Associate grinders with pumps against solids in wastewater

Sulzer has therefore decided to launch a new range of sewage grinders. Combined with pumps from the same manufacturer, these grinders represent a complementary solution to meet the challenges of wastewater treatment.

The ABS XFP submersible sewage pumps equipped with a premium efficiency motor and a Contrablock Plus impeller, offer some of the highest hydraulic efficiencies on the market. They also ensure efficient management of fibrous materials. However, the best pumps in the world are not enough, when the content of wastewater is highly made up of strands. For critical pumping stations, additional protection against severe obstructions has proven to be essential.

Sulzer : Muffin Monster® sewage grinders

Sulzer: a complete range of Muffin Monster® grinders

An additional guarantee for sensitive pumping stations

Following the acquisition of JWC Environmental, Sulzer is now able to offer a complete range of sewage grinders: the Monster Muffin and Channel Monster. The combination of pumps and grinders is the winning combination to meet current and future wastewater challenges.

Monster Muffin: A compact and flexible grinder
The Monster Muffins, available in three different sizes, are compact and powerful grinders that are particularly suitable for pumping stations of all sizes and sludge treatment in sewage plants. Without difficulty, the Muffin Monster dual-shafted grinder, with its high torque and low speed, shreds the most resistant waste water debris and can be adapted to channel or in-line installations.

Channel Monster: A grinder for the most sensitive applications
The patented Channel Monster is a powerful sewage grinder with a high flow rate mainly designed for large pumping stations and headworks. This Monster uses rotating filtration drums to capture solids and direct them to our dual-shafted grinders. The high-flow system shreds the hardest debris into small pieces that can safely pass through pumps and pipes.

Wipes Ready technology captures cloths
The Muffin and Channel Monster sewage grinders incorporate the unique patented Wipes Ready technology. It is designed to capture all fibrous materials, including wipes that circulate in the waste stream and reduce them to small particles to prevent them from sticking to the sewer system.

For more information, visit www.sulzer.com/en


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