TUNISIA: Insat wins “Enactus Tunisia 2020” with its project of waste filter

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TUNISIA: Insat wins "Enactus Tunisia 2020" with its project of waste filter©Enactus Insat

From 8th to 11th September 2020, a team of young people from the Insat (National Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology) will represent Tunisia at the 12th edition of the international competition "Enactus 2020". The Tunisian team has just won the national competition "Enactus Tunisia 2020" thanks to its garbage filter project called "Zigofiltre". These are metal cages that will enable municipalities in this North African country to facilitate the cleaning of sewers.

Tunisia now has its team for the 12th edition of the international competition “Enactus 2020” to be held from 8th to 11th September 2020. It consists of young entrepreneurs from the Insat (National Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology) of Tunis. The Tunisian team was selected at the end of the national competition “Enactus Tunisia 2020” held from 24th to 26th August 2020. At least 16 teams and 11,000 participants (students, academics and businessmen) took part in the meeting.

Students from Insat presented a project of metal cages called “Zigofiltre”. This device can facilitate the cleaning of sewers in municipalities that currently spend between 50 and 100,000 dinars (between 15,518 and 31,037 euros) for the maintenance of these facilities. The metal cages have a life span of 7 years and cost 3,500 dinars (1,083 euros) per unit. Nour Grioui, a member of the Tunisian team says the solution has already been tested in the municipalities of Soukra and Ezzahra in Tunisia.

Launched in 2009, the Enactus program is designed to train young academics from around the world in social entrepreneurship. Projects submitted must meet at least one of the 17 sustainable development goals (SDOs) set by the United Nations (UN). The international competition “Enactus 2020” will take place online and will oppose more than 30 countries, including Tunisia.

Inès Magoum

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