TUNISIA: EU to fund green entrepreneurship training for 40 young people

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TUNISIA: EU to fund green entrepreneurship training for 40 young people ©Stastny_Pavel/Shutterstock

The Confederation of Citizen Enterprises of Tunisia (Conect) wants to build the capacity of 40 Tunisian eco-entrepreneurs with project ideas or start-up projects, in partnership with the European Union (EU) funded Green Impact MED (Gimed) project. Conect has recently launched a call for tender for trainers in areas related to sustainable development.

In Tunisia, 40 young entrepreneurs involved in the fields of sustainable development will benefit from a 10-day training. The aim of the training organised by the Confederation of Citizen Enterprises of Tunisia (Conect) is to accompany these innovators in the analysis and creation of socially and environmentally sustainable business models, as well as on market access and access to finance.

The training, which will be launched at the end of April 2021 in Tunisia, is part of the Green Impact MED (Gimed) project, funded by the European Union (EU). The entrepreneurs selected for the training will have to propose projects in the ideation and start-up phase, notably in the sectors of circular economy and sustainable economy, organic agriculture, sustainable waste management, renewable energy and sustainable tourism. Entrepreneurs proposing projects related to organic fabric design, eco-construction and organic cosmetics production are also expected.

According to Conect, entrepreneurs with the best project ideas who have completed the training and support programme will take part in a competition that will give them the chance to win a €7,500 grant to support the creation or development of their business.

In Tunisia, several young entrepreneurs are working to protect the environment through innovation. The start-up 2BK Innovation hopes to contribute to the fight against pollution in Tunisia. The phenomenon is growing in this North African country. In February 2021, the Tunisian start-up signed a partnership with the Tunisian Internet Agency (ATI) for the launch of its solution called Houmati“. The application will facilitate the collection of municipal waste.

Inès Magoum

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