TUNISIA: a call for projects for municipal waste management centres

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TUNISIA: a call for projects for municipal waste management centres©Dmitry Markov152/Shutterstock

In Tunisia, the government wishes to decentralise the management of household waste. The Tunisian Ministry of Local Affairs and the Environment recently launched a call for projects for the construction of sorting or recovery centres for household waste. Proposals are expected by May 31st, 2021.

Tunisia is experiencing rapid population growth. From 11.6 million inhabitants in 2019 (World Bank), the North African country will have more than 11.9 million inhabitants in 2021. One of the urgent priorities for the Tunisian government is to improve household waste management.

To achieve this, Tunis is now banking on the decentralisation of municipal waste management. Thus, a call for projects was recently launched for the creation of waste sorting or treatment centres by fermentation. This process makes it possible to produce biogas, among other things. Interested municipalities have until  May 31st, 2021 to submit their proposals to the Tunisian Ministry of Local Affairs and the Environment. The government will finance the implementation of the projects selected at the end of the call for proposals during the 2021 budget year.

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Currently, the 2.4 million tonnes of household and similar waste produced each year in Tunisia are managed by the National Waste Agency (ANGED). The public body says that these 2.4 million tonnes of waste are wrapped in 55,000 tonnes of plastic per year, before being put into bins. “This household waste is characterised by a high level of organic matter (63%) and a high level of humidity varying between 65% and 70%,” ANGED points out.

For more information on the call for expressions of interest, click here.

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