TRAINING: IFDD offers online seminar on solar water heater market

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The Sustainable Development Institute of La Francophonie dubbed IFDD in French will organise an online training session on July 26, 2018 on the theme "Solar water heaters: a promising market". Participation is free of charge.

On Thursday, July 26 2018 at 14:00 GMT a seminar will be held online on the theme “Solar water heating: a promising market”. During 90 minutes, participants and speakers will discuss the following themes: the success factors of the large-scale deployment of solar water heaters, the objectives of the solar water heater market promotion initiative (Ipmaces) launched by the IFDD and the lessons to be learned from the solar thermal promotion program (Prosol) in Tunisia. Prosol is a joint initiative of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the Tunisian National Energy Conservation Agency and the Tunisian Electricity and Gas Company (STEG) launched in 2005. It established a loan facility to subsidise the cost of purchasing a solar water heater.

According to the IFDD, “Solar water heaters (Swhs) are still struggling to fit into the mass consumption product range in many countries despite favourable sunshine and a real need for domestic hot water. However, the experience of several countries highlights successful strategies to encourage the deployment of Swhs. It therefore seems urgent and important to engage the public on this issue.

The IFDD called on two expert lecturers from the African continent to enlighten the participants. These include Cheick Ahmed Sanogo, consultant, and Abdelkader Baccouche, Deputy Head of the Prosol Tertiary and Industry Unit, National Energy Management Agency of Tunisia. This work will be supervised by Maryse LABRIET, Director of Eneris Consultants.

The IFDD was founded in 1988. “Its creation followed the global energy crises and the desire of the heads of state and government of French-speaking countries to take concerted action to develop the energy sector in member countries.” The Institute has several missions. One of them is to train and strengthen the capacities of development actors in French-speaking countries in the energy and sustainable development sector.

IFDD training is free and open to all, regardless of age or gender. Registration continues online via the following link .

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